Meet our eBikes


Our German backpacker, she approached us for a job last summer. She really enjoys the craft beer trip. My advice is to hang on tight after 2 Weiss beer
He is a former Italian Mills and Boon model who loves to have his photo taken with you. He can show you how to take the perfect selfie, but please don't fall for his charm.
He is bit of a mystery but we do know he was manufactured by Ford Australia in 1972. Give him half a chance he will do a burnout for you. 

A former Spanish bull fighter who just loves to take it slow along the river tracks and smell the flowers. Please don't stare at his scars as not all of them were from bull fighting. 

Originally from England, a retired music teacher. She just loves to sing and cruise the Gibbston Valley Wine trial. If her songs are not to your liking she will gladly take requests.