Essential Tips Before You Ride Your Wanaka Bike Tour

We understand that you might have questions or concerns about riding an e-bike in unknown terrain.

When riding an E-Bike, it's best to think of it in terms of having a gentle push on your back as you pedal. The bike is capable of taking you about 70km without raising a sweat as you simply turn your pedals. As soon as you stop peddling the motor stops, so you never need to worry the bike will get away from you. Most people who ride our bikes will find their bottom will be sore from the bike seat long before they run out of energy to peddle. That being said our seats are super comfortable with gel inserts. 

General Adventure Company

In Central Otago we only ride the local single tracks which means you will be off-road 99% of the time. You don't have to worry about cars or trucks. Your main hazards will be other riders, tree roots, and rocks. As we have good thick tires and front suspension you can pretty much ride over the lumps and bumps on a typical off-road track. We recommend you take your time and just cruise along seeing the sites at a safe pace. Your bike with its big battery and motor is more than capable of getting you safely home. 

Before you book one of the trips please watch our short video clip of what to expect. Our focus is to simply give you a fun day to remember, with safety as a priority. 


You will need to bring:


Water bottle


Sensible shoes

Warm top or jacket